Factors to be considered while making an industrial building.

The industrial building should be designed only after a complete production plan, plan layout and equipment sequences are determined so that the building exactly fits the production needs of the plant. It is necessary to keep in mind all factors that may affect the functioning of the plant in the building. Some of the important considerations in planning factory buildings are as follows:

  • plan layout- The arrangement of machines, service centers, and office exercise considerable influence on the design and construction of plant buildings. In fact, labor pattern should be determined first and the building should be just a shell around this design. However, provision for flexibility should be made to meet future needs.
  • lighting– Lighting and illumination system within the plant exerts a significant influence on employees’ productivity and fatigue. Therefore, lighting standards should be kept in view during plant planning.
  • accessibility– the industrial building should be designed in such a way so as to ensure free movement of workers and all other staffs working in it.
  • space requirement– the size of the industrial building depends upon space requirements required for the flow as well as for the storage of materials, for implementing the machines and other equipment, for the service centers and for the movements of the employees as well. The height of the industrial building depends upon the purpose for which it is built and also on the equipment installed in the building. Use of overhead conveyors and tall equipment may require high roofs. But special structures and additional costs may be involved. Pits may be dug, if possible, to accommodate all equipment.
  • nature of the manufacturing process– the nature of the manufacturing process is the main determinant of construction of the industrial building. The floor load, headspace, bay size etc., depending on the type of machines and equipment to be used.

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